What is Style Coaching?


As a certified Style Coach, Jen can help you with… 

  • Clothes that enhance your individual style

  • Hair, skin, make-up, and overall personal grooming

  • Developing a new image - your “personal brand”

  • Professional wardrobe planning and de-cluttering

  • Professional personal shopping

  • Analysis of body shape, colour season, and style personality

  • Secrets of looking and feeling more youthful

  • General overview of health and fitness

  • Goal setting and action planning

  • Positive and negative self belief

  • Positive and negative body image

  • Your Inner-voice and self-doubt

  • Body language, voice coaching and non-verbal communication

  • Positive visualisation exercises and motivational Coaching

  • Rapport skills and listening skills 

Each client will have an individual plan mapped out to meet their needs. 

Jen also works with other industry specialists to assist in return to work programs, corporate image and a variety of workshops and master classes