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Jen's global style and perspective can be attributed to travelling extensively and living in a number of different locations around the world with her husband Shaun. Jen has raised three beautiful children and embraces the ideals of compassion and empathy to help her clients feel at ease and empowered. 

Jen has held positions in a number of different industries including Corporate Event Management, Paralegal for the Department of Defence, Recruitment, and more recently as a Personal Trainer and business owner of a high-end gym in the Blue Mountains of Australia.

In 2013, a serious health issue resulted in Jen making a conscious effort to make major lifestyle changes. She became super fit and made wellness a priority while living in Texas and decided to study to become a Personal Trainer so she could help others in similar situations. On returning to Australia, inspired to share what she learned during her own journey of transformation, Jen started a highly-successful Personal Training business.

During this experience, she found herself naturally coaching her clients on subjects greater than physical fitness. Often acting as a life coach, Jen promoted a positive self-image and assisted her clients to build true inner confidence and dress for their body shape, their personality, and sense of self.  

Jen is now a Certified Style Coach™ registered with the Association of International Style Coaches™, having completed her course in the global style capital, the United Kingdom.

Jen is very passionate about using a holistic approach to help her clients gain clarity on how they can express their individual style. It's all about building confidence and a profoundly positive self-image – and enjoying the process of doing so.   

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