Success Stories


Emma’s Story

"I got in touch with Jen when I was at a really low point. My self-confidence had bottomed out, I felt uncomfortable in my body and my clothes. After my first phone call with Jen, I knew I had made the right decision to work with her. Over the months we worked together, I developed an amazing understanding of my body, my style personality and how to dress and feel confident and LOVE the clothes I am in. Jen doesn't just style you, she gives you the skills and understanding so that you can style yourself with confidence, and dress for confidence, forever. I can't thank Jen enough for her help, support and encouragement throughout our style journey and I can't recommend her enough! Thank you for everything Jen!!!"

“I hated clothes shopping. I always thought clothes looked better on the hanger than me. I dressed for comfort not style. I needed someone to dress me.” – Mel, 57yrs

After five children, a passion for outdoor activities and working full time, my wardrobe basically consisted of active wear and work uniforms. Overall I lacked confidence and self-esteem to keep up with fashion. Jen took up the challenge to transform me from head to toe, to build my confidence, appearance and my attitude.

I met Jen on a weekly basis. With a budget in mind and under no pressure to purchase, Jen and I went clothes and shoes shopping. My confidence was building and I was becoming more positive.

Melanie Full Body2.jpg

When it was time to view my existing wardrobe I felt a degree of trepidation. Jen suggested that I complement an outfit with a scarf, a piece of jewellery, a neck lace, chain or charm. The experience was rewarding.

Jen introduced me to a skincare expert and I was given advice on cleansing, toning and moisturising using my existing products. I usually avoided using make-up but Jen demonstrated how to apply a 5 minute make-up routine on a daily basis.

Jen even introduced me to a new hairdresser and my hair style and colour were transformed into a more feminine style. What an improvement!

Each time we went shopping I found it rewarding and I appreciated the time spent to improve my self-esteem and confidence. I gained a lot from this course. Jen was amazing. I encourage anyone to partake in this valuable course which concentrates on you and your needs and is aimed at making you feel good about yourself with confidence. Thank you,  Jen, for your welcoming advice.


Style & Confidence Coaching Master Class comments…

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Wardrobe Makeover and Shopping Trip

Jen and I spent two industrious days getting my wardrobe in tip top shape.

It was such a great feeling to purge all the those just in case and the ‘it was expensive’ and ‘I’m feeling fat clothes’. Now I have a great wardrobe with all the basics covered.

The only problem I’m experiencing is having enough social occasions to show off my great new wardrobe. I highly recommend Jen, she is knowledgeable and her process is seamless.

Belinda Reynolds

Donna’s Testimonial

Jen worked with Donna on many different areas of her including her unique image, self confidence. general grooming. Jen also worked on helping Donna to focus on the important things in life including making time for her own health and fitness and prioritising her family and friends.